As an introductory special, I am offering a big discount for you. Basic A retails for $125.00, but during this introductory time I am offering this first module for Just $75.00. It is an excellent opportunity to get your feet wet and see if a study of Astrology is a fit for you!

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Astrology has been my passion for most of my life. I have studied formally for 8.5 yrs and then worked on learning more and more on my own over time. I have had a world wide practice now for close to 20 yrs.

I love Astrology because it provides so much information, not only about people, and the important cycles of life, but about what is happening on the planet at any given time. It is the backstory or the mysteries that make up the world that surrounds us all.

Astrology is an elegantly designed system that makes us all unique and provides the necessary cycles or course corrections so we have the opportunity to evolve into more conscious and purposeful beings.

I am happy to provide you with the tools you need to understand the way astrology works to help your own life and empower you with the ability to become an excellent reader to help others if you desire.

Know that I am here for you all the way on this journey of learning and discovery.



Wendy Cicchetti

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