After two decades of Astrological study, Wendy has served as a well known Astrological teacher and consultant for many years. Astrology is her passion and she is trained in traditional Astrology, believing that what has worked for thousands of years, with thousands of years of empirical data, is the most reliable form available. She has a unique way of assisting her students in understanding Astrological principles in a clear, concise and structured way. She enjoys teaching in such a way as to give her students the ability to become professionals in the field.

Wendy's practice extends world wide with large contingents in Europe, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Her practice focuses on the Astrology of Personality and Family interaction, Compatibility, and Children's astrology. By visiting her general Astrology site,, you will find extensive information on everything from, general yearly forecasts, to children's personality profiles, and everything astrology.

You will find Wendy's readings to be comprehensive and resourceful. She can help you understand yourself more fully and help you identify those patterns of behavior which keep causing you difficulty. She is frank, open and honest as she gives pragmatic, realistic, usable information and advice. Using transits and progressions, Wendy is able to see what energies are going to impact you in the coming years. She will help you see the "hot" spots of your life and what issues need your focus.